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Important Notice

This site is no longer being maintained

From 1 April 2013 the Healthier Together programme is being taken forward locally in Northamptonshire and in Milton Keynes/Bedfordshire.

The final Clinical Senate report and the reports of the six Healthier Together clinical working groups have now been published and are available for download.

Links to all of the Healthier Together partners’ websites can be found on the Partners page.

You can also keep up-to-date by following these accounts on Twitter: 

Homing in on the next phase

In the year since our launch, the Healthier Together programme has carried out invaluable work.

More than 200 clinicians have collaborated in six clinical working groups.

Through our communications and engagement activities, Healthier Together has come into direct contact with more than 12,000 local patients and residents and indirect contact with many tens of thousands more.

We now have an extensive bank of clinical evidence and local knowledge about how we can meet the health challenges of the present and future.

This phase is now complete and the work of the Clinical Senate and the six clinical working groups has concluded with the publication of their reports

From April 2013, the next phase of the programme will be taken forward more locally in the north and south of the region, with clinical commissioning groups and hospitals working together to find the right solutions for their local populations. These will be based on the principles established by Healthier Together, including our commitment to providing more care closer to home.

This will enable each area to move at a pace that reflects their own local issues, including closer working partnerships between the hospitals in Northamptonshire and also between Milton Keynes Hospital and Bedford Hospital.

The challenges that face our healthcare system remain:

  • The population is increasing and people are living longer.
  • There are significant shortages of skilled and experienced clinicians in several key disciplines – including A&E and maternity services.
  • The NHS – in common with all UK public services – is under financial constraint.

That is why all the partner organisations remain committed to continuing the work of Healthier Together.

Dr Paul Hassan, chair of the Healthier Together programme board, said in a letter to stakeholders: “This next stage of this work will build upon the work of the six Clinical Working Groups and the Clinical Senate which will be used to inform and identify local solutions. CCGs, acute trusts and local communities will work together to determine how the recommendations from the first phase of the programme should be implemented locally to provide the best possible service for local people. More clinicians at a local level will be engaged in addition to those who have been involved in the Clinical Working Groups and there will continue to be strong commitment to patient and public engagement in this process.”

Find out more about the next phase of Healthier Together's work.

Read the final report of the Clinical Senatewhich brings together the work of the Clinical Working Groups and includes a final set of recommendations for an overarching strategic clinical model for the South East Midlands.

Find out the facts

The leaders of the Healthier Together programme are exploring potential models of care which outline how services might be delivered across our five local hospitals in future so that they meet the changing needs of our growing population and keep up to date with national and international best practice. 

These models outline a system for the South East Midlands where the bulk of services are offered closer to home or at people’s local hospital but where resources are pooled for more specialist and complex procedures where this will lead to improved results for patients. 
Click the links below to find out more:

Our ambition

Our ambition is clear. We want to improve the quality, safety and affordability of health services provided to the 1.6m residents living in the South East Midlands area. We want to bring care closer to your home wherever possible. And we want to develop more specialist centres of excellence at our five hospitals – Bedford, Kettering General, Luton & Dunstable, Milton Keynes, and Northampton General – in line with national best practice.

We think we can do all of this by… Read more